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Proposed changes to ISE

The departments are currently reviewing the future of the ISE course. It is all getting very complicated so there is now a separate web page for this.

Go to the "Future of ISE" page

ISE Academic Affairs Committee

This is a twice-terly meeting involving all Year Reps, the Dep Rep and the C&G Academic Affairs and Welfare Officers.

Minutes are available here.

Staff-Student Committee

The staff-student committee includes all the Year Reps, the Dep Rep and senior members of staff from both departments who are involved in course administration.

Next meeting: Friday 23rd February 2001. Contact your Year Reps, or myself if you would like to raise any issue.

Student Union

The Dep Rep is supposed to represent you to the student union as well as the College. As such I am supposed to be invited to ICU, CGCU, DoCSoC and EESoC meetings as an ex-officio member.

I have regularly attended the relevant ICU and CGCU meetings. However, EESoC always forget to invite me, while DoCSoC ignore both me and DoC Dep Rep. So, I have given up trying with those two.

Mustafa Arif
ISE Dep Rep
e-mail: ma499@doc.ic.ac.uk
www: www.doc.ic.ac.uk/~ma499/isedeprep/

Sunday, 18-Feb-2001 20:01:48 GMT