Three’s X-Series: at last a price!

Two weeks ago Three caused a bit of a stir when it announced it would soon be offering “unlimited” data plans on its 3G mobile networks [3 calls in internet big guns for mobile credibility, The Register]. The UK launch is supposed to be today, however Three’s X-series web site still has an email sign-up form promising to let you know more when it is launched.

Having said that, Three’s December price guide is already online. So all the details are handily available on page 12. In short there are two tarrifs “X-Series Silver” offers “unlimited” MSN Messenger, Skype, web, email and podcasts for just £5 a month. For £10 a month “X-Series Gold” offers access to Slingbox and Orb for access to your home TV and PC.

As yet there is no indication whether you have to buy one of Three’s handsets to get hold of the requisite software or whether you can bring your own. Initially Three are only offering two Symbian handsets: Nokia’s N73 (Series 60 r3) and SonyEricsson’s W950i (UIQ 3).

In any case, following T-Mobile’s Web’n'Walk offers [T-Mobile to make mobile net service 'unlimited', The Register] this should hopefully spice up the competition for cellular mobile data in the UK. My contract is up for renewal but I might wait a bit to see how it all shakes out.

UPDATE 6.42pm: Indeed it seems they have launched their X-series site, although the questions remain unanswered.

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