Amazon Affiliate

I have signed up to Amazon’s affiliate scheme, whereby I get a small commission on all book purchases that come recommended through my site.

There is absolutely no reason why you would want to do this, but in case you are feeling generous, you can use the search box below! ;-)

3 Responses to “Amazon Affiliate”

  • How much commission do they give you? How do you go about subscribing to this? Not that I’m trying to pinch your potential sales..

  • The basic commission is around 4% of the qualifying revenue that you generate for them – though if you generate lots then it can go up to 10%.

    Full details of the commission structure, as well as how to join can be found on the Amazon Affiliates web site.

    Commission is paid to you as a cheque, by bank transfer, or by credit towards purchases on Amzon.

    I don’t expect to make much money out of it myself. However, I do occasinally mention a book in blog postings. When I do, I usually link to Amazon, and if I’m commenting on a publication I think it’s only reasonable to get a referral commission (in the rare event that this prompts a sale).

  • You can make much larger amounts (15%) by linking to specific items.


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