Site recovered after censorship

Regular visitors (and feed subscribers) will have noticed that my site has been down for about two weeks. The downtime was caused by my host, of several years, deciding to terminate my account with immediate effect and no notification.

My hosting arrangement was an informal one with a non-commercial entity (in exchange for my helping with the server administration on a voluntary basis). So it’s really fair enough if they want to stop hosting me at any time. However, what I found disappointing, given the nature of the organisation, was their reasoning. Apparently they wanted my site removed because I was using it to “espouse anti-Israeli rhetoric (linking to Al Jazeera)” and this was causing offence to some of their members. I can only presume they were referring to my blog entry about going to the Stop the War Emergency Demo which included a link to this Al-Jazzera article documenting Lebanese civilian casualties.

I’m not sure when this organisation (which has a statutory responsibility for promoting, and defending, freedom of speech) began a policy of pro-Zionist censorship. Nevertheless if they carry on in this way they will merely create problems for themselves.

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  • Mustafa this is truly outrageous… the damned BBC links to Al-Jazeera (even though I don’t necessarily rate the org); what will these facists demand next….

    ugh.. most unamused ….habiba x

  • This is probably a great move due to the fact that we are at the highest security level. Well done to the ISP in spotting it!


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