Delayed on the Tube? Get a refund

The Citzen’s Charter initiative was probably one of the best ideas pursued by John Major’s government in the 1990s. Success is debatable but the basic principles are still very relevant today – that public services should provide value for money and be accountable, for a recognised service level agreement, to their customers.

One of the legacies of the Citizen’s Charter project is the number of public bodies that still operate compensation policies under their “Customer Charters”. The one that I have most call upon using is that for London Underground.

London Underground (but curiously not the rest of Transport for London) provide a full single fare refund if your tube journey is delayed by 15 mins. This applies regardless of the ticket type (single / return / travelcard / Oyster, etc.) Of course, much of the time you would rather get to your destination on time. Nevertheless I think it is always important to press for the compensation that you are entitled too because these numbers add up and pressure manages to improve service quality. Also, sometimes (especially if you are a student) you might actually prefer a slightly delayed, but free, journey – particularly if you are used to allowing extra time to cope with the nuances of the Northern Line!

Perhaps understandably, the application form for Customer Charter refunds is a little difficult to find on TfL’s web site. Hence my reason for blogging about it as an excuse for posting the link.

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  • As I pointed out here, LU’s refunds are far more ‘generous’ to the customer than they reasonably should be. I do quite well out of them :-)

  • Indeed, student travelcard holders can do very well (as I do).

    It must be said that their inability to write get decent IT systems is absurd. I wonder if half the delays are down to IT problems with computer-controlled track/signalling?

    Incidentally, why does your blog not provide Trackback facility? I would have included a Trackback to it in this entry if it did.

  • Hi Mustafa

    A big thank you for the link to the refund page on the TFL website, I was looking for it for ages. I knew you could get refunds for delayed journey’s but the form was not easy to find thanks again.

    I was stuck on the Northen Line this evening due to signal failure.



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