Bulgaria allows hijab ban in schools

IHRC is reporting that Bulgaria has become the latest country to ban the rights of Muslim girls to wear the headscarf (“hijab”) to school. Worse, the country’s Education Minister has declared that Muslim girls who wish to wear the headscarf should attend separate Muslim schools, segregating them from their fellow citizens. Hot on the heels of bans in France, German and Belgium this looks like a worrying trend.

Many Muslim women believe it is a religious obligation to cover their hair in public. Whether right or wrong, this is not the issue. It doesn’t harm or cause any difficulty to anyone else and they should have the right to an education whilst remaining free to practice their religion. Please heed the IHRC’s call to write to your MP, MEP and the Foreign Secretary demanding representations be made to the government of Bulgaria (which is set to accede to the EU next year).

In other news… the Guardian reports that Muslim women face discrimination at the workplace, despite good academic performance. I wouldn’t be surprised if the wearing of headscarves had something to do with it.

3 Responses to “Bulgaria allows hijab ban in schools”

  • That’s why I will never ever go back to live in Bulgaria! Zero tolerance…and zero faith .

  • Assalamu alaykum

    YOu should be supporting the idea of seperate muslim schools. In england we have these alhamdulillah it is a good way to fight back at the attempts by the west to secularise the mu’min of britain. These muslim schools would be great inshallah and allow muslim children to grow up with islamic values and not be corrupted by the kuffar.

    Banning the hijab is bad but if we can seperate muslims from teh kuffar and allow them to grow as a community inshallah they will increase in their influence in that country and I pray to ALlah that islam will take europe one day inshallah.

    Hopw you are all well. Assalamu alaykum wa rahmah tullahi wa barakatuhu.

    p.s. I think you shoudl ocncentrate your efforts on France and Turkey and places where there is a much worst attack onthe hijab

  • Dawood, whilst I think there is a role for Islamic schools I cannot endorse the spirit of your comment. You are arguing that Muslims should segregate ourselves from mainstream society. This simply cannot be right. It is our obligation to play a full part in society.


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