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WordPress 2.7 – wow!

Just upgraded to WordPress 2.7 and I’m impressed. A new, clean and fast interface with extensive AJAX and even Google Gears integration. Yummy!



I’m now working as a product manager for a start-up: aQovia, your fast-to-market SaaS partner.


Server outage

My web hosting provider’s server was offline for a few days until yesterday. Apparently there had been a "major explosion" in the data centre where their servers were located. They have since setup a new server in a different data centre.


Qiblah direction – no compass needed

Qiblah Locator is a great web site when you’re stuck without a compass or mosque to hand (and it’s too overcast to work out from the position of the sun in the sky vis-a-vis the time). Simply tap in the post code and it will overlay the qiblah direction over a Google Maps generated street map of the surrounding area. You should be able to easily work out which direction to pray with minimal orienteering skill.