Monthly Archive for May, 2004

I’m back

My first article on Live! for over a year has just been published. I’m finding it difficult to believe it’s been so long – given that I helped found the site and at one time was posting 2-3 articles a week…

Ah well. Click through to my indignant repost to criticism of the 2004 ICU Summer Ball if you are in the mood.

Lunar Eclipse on Tuesday

For those of you who aren’t on the ICU AstroSoc mailing list, there is a total lunar eclipse taking place this Tuesday (4 May) evening. Weather-permitting, it should be visible in Britain.

This being one of the few Tuesdays in term-time when I don’t have an evening meeting, you’ll probably find me on the roof of the Huxley Building attempting to photograph the eclipse. Having not had the time to go to one of the AstroSoc ‘Star Parties’ so far this year, I might even get round to paying my membership fee!

I’ve never tried photographing a lunar eclipse before, so it could be quite fun. Unfortunately, I don’t really have a telephoto lens long enough to get a frame-filling picture (unlike the sun, which I have photographed, the moon is much smaller). My telephoto coverage maxes out at 420 mm and I’d really like something in the 1000 – 2000 mm range. Still the landscape shots *could* be interesting (though very unlikely in Central London) and I may be able to borrow a camera/telescope lens adapter to use with the AstroSoc telescope. It’s not worth spending money on as, frankly, the visibility from Central London will be pretty poor due to light pollution. With hindsight, my solar photography filter was a waste of money and I don’t wish to repeat that mistake!