Monthly Archive for January, 2005

Eid confusion


I knew Eid-ul-Adha was coming up. So, I re-arranged all my meetings this week accordingly. Then I find out over the weekend that the Saudi authorities have changed the date.

From my initial discussions with others, more knowledegable than myself, this appears to be unprecedented. I have heard some speculation that they have brought the Day of Arafat one day forward so as to avoid a clash between Eid and Friday prayers. (The thought of 3 million people trying to get to and from Friday prayers in Mecca whilst also fulfilling the rites of Eid and the last day of the Hajj could have led to a safety/security situation. (There have been previous safety problems with the annual pilgrimage, which all Muslims are required to perform at least once in their lifetime.)

It’s all very annoying. I now have to rearrange me week. Again!

However, it could be worse. A friend of friend is a governor at a school in Bradford with a high percentage of Muslim students. The governor was asked by the headmistress what the date of Eid was so she could give all pupils the day off. The letters to the parents have already gone out. Said school governor is now wondering how to break the news to the headmistress!