Monthly Archive for April, 2005

Not sure who to vote for?

It’s not a substitue for actually looking at your local candidates and their policies… nevertheless the Who Should You Vote For web site is a fun and not entirely useless starting point.

It asks you about a dozen questions to find out where you stand on political issues that are being debated in the current UK general election. Each party is then scored (on a scale from -9 to +9) for each policy question based on your views. The aggregate is used to rank which parties you should, and should not, vote for.

Apprently the party I should most vote is the Liberal Democrats. I am slightly surprised by this but then then the questions are based on topical election issues rather than trying to do a complete assessment of one’s political views.

Anyway, that means there’s one less excuse… though I would hasten to remind you that in UK general elections we are technically not voting for a governing party. We are actually expected vote for a candidate to represent our local constituency.

And yes, I haven’t completely ruled out standing as an independent candidate for Cities of London & Westminister. The latest news is that Edward Piggott is collecting signatures for my nomination form… if he gets it filled, I’ll stand.