Monthly Archive for July, 2006

Woops – Israel bombs UN

Oh dear. BBC News reports Israeli bomb kills UN observers. It won’t change anything – the observers were of “unimportant” nationalities.


Fantastic black Mac spoof (YouTube)

First watch Apple’s annoying Mac-PC advert. Then watch this spoof on YouTube. Genius!


WebOS a reality thanks to MIT

MIT have been developing a web-based operating system called You OS. Anyone can create an account and login. It’s a little slow (in Safari) but otherwise shockingly usable.

Could the Personal Computer be history in 10 years time?

[More on Slashdot]

Amazon Affiliate

I have signed up to Amazon’s affiliate scheme, whereby I get a small commission on all book purchases that come recommended through my site.

There is absolutely no reason why you would want to do this, but in case you are feeling generous, you can use the search box below! ;-)