Monthly Archive for April, 2007

Go Andy Wilson for Swathling

Elect Andy WilsonAndy Wilson is standing for election, to Southampton City Council in Swaythling Ward. Good luck to him.

Andy was a fantastic two-term President at the Southampton University Students’ Union and all-round ‘good egg’. He is standing as the Labour Party candidate – if that puts you off please note that Andy is nevertheless a sound guy who I have always known to act in a constructive, non-partisan and conscientious manner. So, if you live in Swaythling, vote for him.

Full list of candidates for Southampton City Council elections, 2007 [Southern Daily Echo].

Weaning myself off Google; earning iPoints for searching

BBC News reports on search companies renewing their attempts to compete with Google. The article caused me to remiss on life before Google. Like most people I don’t even think about what search engine to you use anymore, reaching for Google has become an automatic reaction. The combination of the accuracy of search results plus the clean, uncluttered layout meant there was no reason to worry about using other search engines.

The article did prompt me to go back and re-discover some old search engines and I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only do they still exist but have been thoroughly revamped. In fact, I’ve actually decided to switch to Dogpile (UK) as my Safari home page! Why? Well, firstly, by aggregating results from MSN, Yahoo and Ask as well as Google it seems to find a few hits that get missed by individual search engines. I also earn iPoints just for searching!

The Google functionality I miss most is the ability to load a cached version of a page. Though I could work around that with some AppleScript.

We’ll see how long this lasts…

My first computer

The Amstrad PPC-512. Don’t laugh – it’s the reason I ended up studying computing at Imperial College…


Casual chain reaction

Boomshine is fantastic. Play it.