Monthly Archive for June, 2008

Ocado: Getting "draconian"

Recently Ocado failed to deliver an item with the groceries. I sent an email complaining and was somewhat startled by the reply. Here’s a snippet (emphasis added).

I am very sorry to hear that you have received a recent incomplete order. I understand this is irritating and inconvenient. I have now processed a full refund for the Waitrose Corn Flakes.

This information is passed onto our warehouse management team. They are able to identify exactly who picked and packed your order and are continually offering further training to eliminate any future occurrence. If we find that re-training does not work there are more draconian measures we can take! Ultimately we want you to receive exactly what you asked for.

Now, I’m all for an uncompromising stance on getting customer service right. Nevertheless if I was the poor employee who had made this mistake I’d be a little concerned that my employer was banding about suggestions of "draconian" measures will nilly. My understanding was that management should take whatever action internally but always except responsibility externally.

Server outage

My web hosting provider’s server was offline for a few days until yesterday. Apparently there had been a "major explosion" in the data centre where their servers were located. They have since setup a new server in a different data centre.