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The BNP leaker – the magistrate’s verdict

Perusing through news I came across the article on the fining of the “BNP leaker”. The whole affair has been somewhat surreal with members of an organisation associated with thuggery claiming fear of reprisal attacks. (This is not to say that BNP members are not entitled to data protection rights as citizens – of course they are, it’s just that it’s deliciously ironic.)

What caught my eye was the magistrate’s amusing summing up which pretty much captured the essence of what might be described as “council estate xenophobia”.

It comes as no surprise to me that somebody to do with an organisation that prides itself on Britishness is in fact living off the British people on Job Seeker’s Allowance and that is why the fine is so low as to be ridiculous.

Source: Ex-BNP man fined over names leak [BBC News]

This really ought to have been a tweet but I just couldn’t get it in 140 characters – and truncation simply would not have done Mr Stobart’s comments justice (no pun intended!)