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In memorium: Sharine Brown

I was shocked to learn last week of the passing away of Ms Sharine Brown, lately Head of Residences at Imperial College, London. She had held that role for a number of years, including the duration of my tenure as President of Imperial College Union (2003-2005).

We did not always see eye to eye – particularly when negotiating annual rent reviews (I managed to get them held to 6% rises in both years when Sharine was angling up for upwards of 12%.) She was, nonetheless, a strong champion for quality and choice in student accommodation and a considerable asset to the College. Whilst many others focussed their attention on Imperial’s high-profile and grand building projects, Sharine quietly worked hard to ensure that the best use was made of the crumbling facilities, to benefit existing students, whilst they awaited redevelopment. I always recognised that no matter what problems arose halls at Imperial College were generally better run than those at any other London university. Her passing will be a great loss to student body and she will be deservedly missed.

A memorial service will be held at 16.00 on Tuesday 25 May to celebrate Sharine’s life in Holy Trinity Church, Prince Consort Road. RSVP: Mickie Turner-Goble.

Brussels: Hannan sticks some home truths in Brown’s face

Daniel Hannan has been a colourful MEP – successfully managing to get himself expelled from the EPP [Source: BBC News].

I’ve not paid much attention to him before but shall be doing so in future after a memorable, and scorching performance today in the European Parliament, speaking in reply to Gordon Brown.

Hannan succinctly, yet clearly, highlighted the hypocrisy of Brown’s lecturing whilst also underlining the UK’s very serious economic predicament. Priceless!

Source: Hannan Tells Gordon He Is “Pathologically Incapable” [Guido]