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Spam Warriors

Gordon Dick has published a new web site: Scotch Spam, documenting his recent legal win against a company for sending him spam email, under EU and UK law. Unfortunately, if you read Gordon’s (long) story you will find that whilst court awarded him £1368.66, plus statutory interest, he has yet to see a penny. The company he prosecuted has ceased trading and been replaced with another that shares the same, lone director…

Nigel Roberts had somewhat better luck [spamlegalaction.co.uk]. Whilst he settled out of court for only £300 with his spammer, he did at least get paid.

Both web sites are an invaluable guide for any budding spam warrior hoping to make use of Europe’s relatively young spam laws. Unfortunately the time involved is all rather tedious, and impractical for most of us, given the volume of spam we receive. Nevertheless a few more cases could help move things forward a bit: especially if someone manages to successfully sue a spammer’s ISP for tolerating their activities. When it is ISP’s financial interests to actually deal with spam, we might finally get SMTP [wikipedia] overhauled.

Source: Scotsman wins £1,300 settlement against spammer [The Register]