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Whatever happened to messageRX?

A few years ago I signed up to the messageRX email encryption service [findarticles.com]. I’m not really sure why I bothered. I have exchanged encrypted email with less than a dozen people in my life and not at all in the last five years. It just doesn’t seem worth it. I certainly never corresponded with anyone using messageRX.

Anyway, I noticed I still had my messageRX email account listed on my contact page. Out of curiosity I went to messageRX.com to login into my account and found that the web mail service had disappeared. Instead there’s just an obituary for their former CEO, PJ Zimma. So is that it?

Did it fold because it was just one a man band? Does anyone know what happened to messageRX and when? I guess in the way I found I never had a need for encrypted email neither did many others. Those that do are probably capable of using desktop tools and other mechanisms that are less open to arousing suspicion.

Hushmail, on the other hand, does still appear to exist. I suspect that adherence to OpenPGP standards may have something to do with that.