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Cyber absence, radio return

Apologies to regular readers, it appears there have been no posts here for over a month. At least some of you will have noticed it was Ramadan, observance of which takes saps up much time and energy. Actually I had written a couple of posts but they seem to no longer exist. I’m fairly sure I did submit them but can’t find any evidence of this. I have daily backups of the database behind this site but it just doesn’t seem worthwhile to trawl through all of them – perhaps if I’d spotted the problem earlier.

For the last month I’ve been presenting the Saturday afternoon Politics Show on Ramadan Radio in Hendon, North West London. This represented my first time back on the air waves since leaving Imperial College and was actually the subject of one of my phantom posts! Unfortunately we don’t have a podcasting / archival download facility. Nevertheless about 10 hours of debate and interviews is archived somewhere on Radio Reality’s computers. Once I have got an extract from the techies I’ll look into the possibility of publishing highlights.

I thoroughly enjoyed my month on the radio. A few friends who tuned in have very kindly suggested that I should consider going into it professionally. I suspect they’re being a little overly-charitable but in any case I’m not considering a career change at present. Nevertheless I’ll have to find something else fun to occupy my time with.

Meanwhile, a belated Eid Mubarak!