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Coleman caught with pants down (metaphorically!)

For some years now Cllr Brian Coleman has stubbornly campaigned against any measures deemed ‘anti-car’. As a dinosaur on the Conservative GLA group he remains resolutely opposed to the successful Congestion Charge. More locally, he was a vociferous opponent of the previous Labour administration’s policy of introducing speed humps in Barnet and, with his Conservative friends who now run the Council, has been responsible for digging up all the roads (again!) just to take the humps out.

Now we know why.

Last week’s Hendon Times contained the story Safety Councillor banned for for speeding (for some unknown reason the article is not available in the online edition so I can’t link to it). Apparently Brian Coleman managed to lose his license after being prosecuted (twice!) for driving too fast. What makes this selfish and arrogant behaviour particularly shameless is that, as the Cabinet Member for Safety, Cllr Coleman has presided over Barnet gaining the dubious honour of having amongst the highest road death rates in London (particularly for children).

I should clarify that I understand road humps are no panacea. Often they can be counter-productive. But these decisions should be made on an individual, road by road, basis, not by pro or anti-car dogma. The previous Labour administrations were perhaps over-zealous in putting them in whenever a road needed resurfacing. But the Tories have been wasting money digging up otherwise perfectly good surfaces, just to remove the humps. In doing so, they’ve often been riding rough shod over public opinion.

Cameron might be successful in achieving a makeover for the Conservatives nationally, but in London too many of them are still bonkers. No wonder they can’t find anyone credible to be their candidate for Mayor.

I hope Cllr Coleman is suitably embarrassed. If he’s not going to change his selfish pro-car ways I hope he realises it would be best for him to be replaced by new blood at the next election (both Borough and GLA).