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Karadžić finally arrested!

The BBC is reporting that the Bosnian-Serb war criminal Radovan Karadžić has been arrested by Serbian government forces. For his many victims it will not have come a moment too soon. Barely a week ago Bosnians were marking the 13th anniversary of the Srebrenicia Massacre [ABS-CBN News].

It’s interesting that the Serbian government has managed to arrest him now. Perhaps they have genuinely decided it’s time to play ball with the international community and the war crimes tribunal at the Hague? Or maybe it’s more than just co-incidence that just last week EU forces raided the homes of Karadzic’s family members [BalkanInsight.com], including his wife. Perhaps the Serbs realised that the noose was tightening and the game was up? It’s certainly remarkable considering that earlier today the Serbs were still busy denying knowledge of Karadzic’s whereabouts [BalkanInsight.com] and even suggesting that he might not be in Serbia.

The important thing now, of course, is that the Serbian authorities should speedily extradite Karadžić to the Hague and not put him on some cushy sham trial in Sebria. They also need to serve up the remaining indictees still at-large, especially Ratko Mladić [Wikipedia].

In the longer term the opportunity should be used to finally close the chapter on ethnic divisions in Bosnia. Karadžić’s brother was quoted earlier this month as saying that the arrests of the war time Bosnian-Serb leaders would lead to the collapse of the Republika Srpska [BalkanInsight.com]. And good riddance too! The Bosnian-Serb enclave [Wikipedia], was created through ethnic cleansing; it’s legitimisation by Daytan [Wikipedia] a travesty of natural justice. I shalln’t have any sympathy for it’s demise and assimilation back into the rest of Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Update: Al-Jazeera’s Aljosa Milenkovic speculates that this turn of events is down to the new (pro-Western) Serbian government’s willingness to work with the international community. He says he expects to see Karadžić in the Hague’s dock “within seven days“. Excellent news, if true.