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Is this porn?

Take a look at this article detailing the case of a young woman found to have a third nipple on the base of her left foot [Dermatology Online Journal]. (Scroll down to see the images.)

Usually a female nipple would constitute pornography in my book. Should it be so considered here? I don’t know, that’s why I’m asking!

My guess would be ‘no’ on the basis that it is very unlikely to result in erotic arousal. But is that a valid argument? Does that mean that images of nudity of sensitive parts of the body are not pornography if they are taken in such a way as to avoid (or indeed suppress) arousal? On what basis can we determine whether an image is likely to result in arousal anyway – given that people have all sorts of strange fetishes…

Thoughts please.

UPDATE: Okay, I fixed the link to the article so you can actually click through now.