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Brussels: Hannan sticks some home truths in Brown’s face

Daniel Hannan has been a colourful MEP – successfully managing to get himself expelled from the EPP [Source: BBC News].

I’ve not paid much attention to him before but shall be doing so in future after a memorable, and scorching performance today in the European Parliament, speaking in reply to Gordon Brown.

Hannan succinctly, yet clearly, highlighted the hypocrisy of Brown’s lecturing whilst also underlining the UK’s very serious economic predicament. Priceless!

Source: Hannan Tells Gordon He Is “Pathologically Incapable” [Guido]

Harvard targets UK state schools

Today’s FT reports that Harvard University will be especially seeking to recruit state school pupils from the UK this year. Not a surprising development given the introduction of top-up fees as many students will actually be financially better off by going to America.

Harvard University’s student recruiters are to target state schools this year in an effort to break the grip the private sector has over its UK intake. Representatives of the prestigious US university will be dispatched to state schools to ensure students are aware of Harvard’s policy of waiving fees for parents with incomes of less than $60,000 (£32,000).

Aaarrggh! Why did no-one tell me about that policy? Don’t get me wrong, Imperial College was great and I had a fantastic time there – but I’d have passed IC over for Harvard any day!