As you might have guessed, from the existence of this page, I have an interest in photography. It is one of my favourite, yet unfortunatley, most expensive, hobbies.

Shared photos

I started sharing some of my photos on the Internet using
Philip Greenspun‘s I then decided that using a web interface to upload files, one at a time, was too time-consuming and so now host them myself by simply exporting my albums out of Apple’s iPhoto.

Uploaded portfolios are listed below. Please note very little of this is any good. Most of decent work awaits scanning…

Please note that I have since discovered the joy’s of Zachary Wily’s excellent iPhotoToGallery software. This allows me to easily upload (with just a couple of clicks) photos from my Macintosh to my new online photo gallery. Consequently I shall no longer be listing collections on this page (and shall probably remove the links above if I ever get around to re-hosting the pictures).

While I retain the copyright on these photos, I am happy for friends and family to make use of these images for personal print copies, etc. I’m also happy for friends to include photos on their web pages with a credit. If you would like to use any of my photos for any other reason, or need access to a higher resolution original, then please contact me.


I own the following photographic equipment.

  • SonyEricsson P900 cameraphone.
  • Canon FD system SLR kit consisting of:
    • Canon FTb-N body,
    • Canon FD 50mm f/1.8 S.C. (II) lens,
    • Soligar 28/30mm f/3.5 lens,
    • Vivitar 28mm f/2.8 lens,
    • Vivitar 75-210mm f/3.5 lens,
    • Vivitar E-TTL flash system,
    • Rollei flash system,
    • Velbon tripod,
    • various ring and Cokin System P filters, and
    • some other bits and pieces.
  • HP Scanjet 4C – although it’s so much hassle that I generally order a Photo CD whenever I process a roll these days!

Whilst the optical quality from my FD kit is nothing short of stunning, I am getting frustrated by the lack of auto-focus/exposure or affordable zoom capability particularly for candid photography. The killer, however, is the lack of any digital body. I’m currently investigating the Canon EOS and Nikon F systems with a view to building a modern SLR kit with both film and digital backs.

Favourite films

  • Fuji Press 800, which I have found to be a good all-round colour print film – as well as handy for pushing to 1600.
  • Fuji NPS 160 for portraiture.
  • Ilford HP-5 Plus for black and white work. (A good all-round ISO 400 film that yields less grain than many 800s when pushed to 1600!)


  • Bonusprint – a very reliable consumer film developing service.
  • Club 35 – good value professional developing.
  • The ICU Shop, if you are in reach of Imperial’s South Kensington campus, offers quality Colorama processing at a bargain price (less than half the high street, in SW7 anyway!).
  • ICU PhotoSoc provide subsidised film and dark room materials (as well as maintaining a dark room in Beit, with equipment for loan.